Marta Tomaszewska

I am the co-founder of myinfinitychild. I work for one of the largest international aviation company, which is headquartered in Dubai, among other places. I work with people hailing from different nationalities and cultures which is a corner stone for my research in child development.

I am also a mother and loving wife. My passion is to work with parents, children, educators and professionals in building healthy, meaningful, and symbiotic relationships and its development in the first stage of life.

I place a strong emphasis on understanding emotions, feelings and behaviors and the reactions that arise from them. I teach and coach how to build a strong bond between all family members. My goal is to promote and facilitate the healthy development of children, whether physical, mental, emotional and inspirational. A fundamental part of my ethos is based on scientific research in understanding traditional value systems and its significance in a modern society.

I have recently co-authored a children’s book, Melania Exuberance — Magical day at Dubai Mall with my husband George Mario.

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George Mario

Music composer and producer.

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